The Adventures of RABA

A Call to Arms!

RABA gets together

Andothen Greenwheat posts a flier requesting adventurers for a group he’s putting together.
Kriv, Physil and Amariik answer the call and meet him in the Flying Hammer Inn. They get tipped off about possible adventuring gig and go to visit Lord Warden Faren Markelhay in Moonstone Keep. When asked the name of their adventuring party, they decide on RABA.

The Lord Warden sends them off to find out what has befallen the travelers on the West road. On this same road they meet up with a Dwarf named McSpic and help him defeat some Kobolds who were giving him trouble. He agrees to join RABA despite getting burned by Physil to search for the stolen ale.

The party cleans out the Kobold Hall and finds the ale. They kill a young white dragon and go back to Fallcrest.


Hey, it was Physil who’s AOE blast at the kobolds nailed McSpic, not Amariik. Credit where credit is due!

A Call to Arms!

The change has been made.

A Call to Arms!
Chris_Kochel Chris_Kochel

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