The Adventures of RABA

Session 5: Save the Loot... and maybe the Halfling too...

Having recouped from the initial assault, RABA returned to brave the interior of the Orcish stronghold. More orcs were killed within the barricade, and within one of the longhouses. The other proved to contain a sort of kitchen/messhall, where something was roasting over a spit. A well, in the middle of the compound proved to restore a healing surge upon drinking it’s water. It is unknown what the limits or portability of this water might be.

Charging into the caves in the cliff face at the back of the compound, more orcs were encountered and defeated, and the bound and distressed halfling was found and freed. Cora, not being a combatant, chose to hide away till RABA was finished, but mentioned that all the gold she had brought should be somewhere in the cavern complex.

Many more orcs were harmed in the raiding of this cavern. Also, an orc “troll” shaman, and some kind of medalion-bedecked orc warlord, whom the members of RABA dubbed “Flava Flave”. A tunnel and trap door lead to a lower level cavern. Lairing in the cavern was a young black dragon, and its’ modest treasure trove.

The Elf’s sword was returned to him, and much stolen gear and gold was retrieved. After discussion, it was decided that RABA would continue on to Moonstair, to finish Orest’s transaction.

Elrohir offers to escort Cora back to Fallcrest, since he is going almost that far anyway.


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