The Adventures of RABA

Session 4: Following the trail of Loot

RABA is contacted by Orest, the main source in town for enchanted adventuring gear, for a job he’d like them to take on. It seems that his assistant, Cora Greenspan (Cora the Explorer), had been sent to Moonstair in the south to purchase a load of adventuring gear, since the recent events in and near Fallcrest had depleted his supply, and have it shipped back up the river to Fallcrest. However, he hadn’t heard from her in far too long. RABA’s mission, which they chose to accept, was to search out the missing halfling, save her if necessary, and recover either the load of adventuring gear, or the money intended to purchase it.

On the journey, RABA encountered an elven ranger, who attacked them due to a misunderstanding. As it turned out, the elf was intending to ambush a large group of orcs who had stolen a ceremonial sword from him, which he was very pressed to retrieve, it being an important cultural artifact required for the Ruil’laire, or Sword Games (an Olympic-games style competition used to, among other things, choose new recruits for the elven royal guard).

The elven ranger, named Elrohir, agreed to help RABA find Cora if they agreed to assist him in re-acquiring the sword he lost. RABA agreed to help Elrohir investigate an orcish stronghold nearby.

The initial assault on the stronghold involved several groups of orcs, and left the party wounded enough to retreat to the woods to recoup.

Plot continued in Session 5

(there may have been an encounter with orcs prior to meeting the elf)


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