Human Male Wizard (currently on extended leave back home with his family)


Physical Description:
Most people have a hard time seeing Amariik as ‘powerful’. At first glance he seems like a normal young man. Coming in at approx 6 foot he is tall and lean with the look of someone who doesn’t stay in one place very long. But one look into his grey eyes and you see the calm calculating mind he possesses. Having grown up with the Eladrin he wears his hair long and loose but while their hair is pale he shares his mother’s hair color… a brown so dark it looks black in most light. Like his wizard father he too wears simple robes of earthy colors.


While not overly friendly those that he does call friend mean a lot to him. Calm and collected in battle Amariik loves using his magic to hit multiple foes at a time. Those that know him would say his best/worst trait is that he is an avid gatherer of knowledge. His thirst for new magic lore has gotten him into trouble before and keeps him on the move.

Amariik’s great great grandfather settled his family at an old Eladrin adventuring buddy’s family home. Since then each generation has taken after their grandsire. Studying magic and exploring the world. They have always come back to the old tower and the lush forest that surrounds it as their adventuring days wrap up. Always on the hunt for something interesting Amariik has been traveling from place to place. Joining with other adventurers from time to time but he always seems to find a reason to leave after a time.


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