Damesh an Eladrin Noble who has founded a city in the Fey-wild by the same name.


Damesh rules the city of Damesh, with an iron fist. He is a powerful Eladrin, who’s abilities are only rivaled by his ambition. He found the ruins of a once great city in the Fey-wild, and he made it his home. He built it back to a level of splendor which probably surpassed that of the original city. Damesh is a hub for trade and politics, and Damesh is a master of both. He is also a master of the type of magic used to bend the will of others to his own.


Most of the inhabitants of Damesh are quite loyal to their Sidhe Lord, Damesh. You’d be hard-pressed to find an Eladrin with a bad word to say about him, and the Elves who aren’t singing his praises, are at worst, indifferent. The only group that bears him any malice are the Gnomes. They have been at the business end of his magic and politicking from the time the city was reopened. They helped to rebuild it and in return were given a quarter of it in which to live afterwards, but they got the worst looking, and hardest to get to area in the city. Their leader attempted to negotiate a better locale, but every meeting he returned from it was more bad news delivered as if it was the best thing the Gnomes could ask for. The Gnomes were smart and it didn’t take long for them to get wise to what was going on, however by then the damage had been done, and the Gnomes were sequestered to their corner of Damesh.


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