Female Dragonborn Cleric of The Raven Queen, High Priest of Kriv's Temple.


Name: Scall
Dragonborn Cleric
Deity: Raven Queen
Level: 2
Str: 18, Con: 11, Dex: 10, Int: 11, Wis: 15, Cha: 14
Fort: 14, Ref: 10, Will: 14
AC: 16
Armor: chainmail
Hit Points: 30
Surge Value: 7
Surges: 7
At-will prayers: Lance of Faith, Sacred Flame
Level 1 Daily: Avenging Flame
Level 1 Encounter: Divine Glow
Skills: Religion: 5, Heal: 7, Diplomacy: 7, History: 7
Feats: Breath of Life
Annoyed by: Outlaws
Sucker For: strict codes of honor
Favorite Sin: Avarice
Favorite Virtue: Diligence
Trusts in: Death
She once had a very important prayer answered.
Her lucky number is 10.



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