The Sons Of Xira were once the protectors of Fallcrest. They had lodging in Moonstone Keep and were called upon to protect the people of Fallcrest whenever anything threatened them.

100 years after their deaths at the hands of a Lich, Rhys was raised per the effects of a ritual he had cast before the battle. He meant for the ritual to bring him back in 100 days, but the ritual was in Infernal, and he got the units wrong. At this time, RABA was on the scene doing their thing, so Rhys enlisted their aid in re-entering the Tomb of the Lich and finishing the ritual SOX was attempting to perform 100 years prior. Room by room, Rhys and RABA dispatched undead meant to slow them down and weaken them, all the while collecting the undead former members of SOX and turning them so they would help defeat the Lich. When the two parties got to the final room where the Lich was trapped, RABA kept the Lich busy for the 3 rounds it took SOX to finish the ritual to defeat the Lich. After this time, the Lich collapsed and his phylactery appeared before RABA. The members of SOX turned to dust, as were the effects of the ritual. (all undead in the area would be destroyed)


Rhys - Human Necromancer
Perald - Human Cleric
Lorit - Human Rogue
Orand - Human Fighter


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