The Adventures of RABA

Session 6: Vacation Town & Tripping the Rift

After clearing out the Orc’s Stronghold, RABA collected what usable materials and goods they could find, stored it in two new bags of holding they found, and prepared to leave. Cora the Explorer decided to leave the group for home, at least part of the way alongside our Elven friend, Elrohir. On the road to Moonstair Raba encountered several random threats.

First, a gelatinous cube, in which some minor gems were found.

Second, a Rust monster; which disintegrated McSpic’s Battle Axe, leaving him with just his sword. It also left behind a couple of pounds of Residuum, a material useful for enchanting purposes.

Finally, a swarm of Fell Taints.

Having arrived in Moonstair, RABA went to visit Barlin’s Depot, intending to make the purchase of magical items they were sent for, only to find it closed. As it has been for a month. Investigating, RABA met with Kelena Dhoran, the half-elf Mayor of Moonstair. A Triumvirate of merchants report to her, forming most of the town’s government. She however had no knowledge of where Barlin might be. She did say that he lives in his shop, and from time to time will disappear for a week or two on trips to find interesting magical items or artifacts.

Returning to the Depot, RABA were allowed to enter forcefully along with a squad of the town’s guard to search for clues. In his workshop we found a collection of fragments of some sort of staff artifact, and some notes referring to his attempts at collecting all the parts of this implement. The most recent entries suggested that he likely had gone through the Moongate in search of the last remaining fragment.

In a brief break, we searched out the owners of some of the goods we recovered from the Orcs, and returned them to a group called the Templars in return for some surprised thanks and goodwill. Along the way we also heard rumors and/or grumbling about “dragonslayers”, and their “Overreaching”.

Visiting the Moon temple, a talk with some of the priests told us that Barlin had gone through the gate last month, but unlike his previous visits, he did not return. The next full moon, and thus opening of the gate, is that night.

Andothan visited the Moon Temple’s History vault, while the rest of us went shopping in the town, which was much larger than our home.

Once the gate opened, we went through to see the Eladrin city on the other side. Finding out quite quickly that Barlin was indeed in the city and was working for the relatively new leader of the City. Both the City and the leader’s names are Damesh, the city being newly re-named after the ascension of Damesh to the head of the city.

However a visit with Damesh and Barlin suggested that Barlin is most likely under mental control, as he had no interest in his previous commitments or the search for his artifact fragment, and instead seemed strangely content and obedient to lord Damesh. The rest of the population also seemed rather irrationally supportive of Damesh. RABA therefor decided to search out some form of distension, in order to discover exactly what the heck was going on. The only obvious source we could hear of is located in a so-called Gnomish Quarter.

Session 5: Save the Loot... and maybe the Halfling too...

Having recouped from the initial assault, RABA returned to brave the interior of the Orcish stronghold. More orcs were killed within the barricade, and within one of the longhouses. The other proved to contain a sort of kitchen/messhall, where something was roasting over a spit. A well, in the middle of the compound proved to restore a healing surge upon drinking it’s water. It is unknown what the limits or portability of this water might be.

Charging into the caves in the cliff face at the back of the compound, more orcs were encountered and defeated, and the bound and distressed halfling was found and freed. Cora, not being a combatant, chose to hide away till RABA was finished, but mentioned that all the gold she had brought should be somewhere in the cavern complex.

Many more orcs were harmed in the raiding of this cavern. Also, an orc “troll” shaman, and some kind of medalion-bedecked orc warlord, whom the members of RABA dubbed “Flava Flave”. A tunnel and trap door lead to a lower level cavern. Lairing in the cavern was a young black dragon, and its’ modest treasure trove.

The Elf’s sword was returned to him, and much stolen gear and gold was retrieved. After discussion, it was decided that RABA would continue on to Moonstair, to finish Orest’s transaction.

Elrohir offers to escort Cora back to Fallcrest, since he is going almost that far anyway.

Session 4: Following the trail of Loot

RABA is contacted by Orest, the main source in town for enchanted adventuring gear, for a job he’d like them to take on. It seems that his assistant, Cora Greenspan (Cora the Explorer), had been sent to Moonstair in the south to purchase a load of adventuring gear, since the recent events in and near Fallcrest had depleted his supply, and have it shipped back up the river to Fallcrest. However, he hadn’t heard from her in far too long. RABA’s mission, which they chose to accept, was to search out the missing halfling, save her if necessary, and recover either the load of adventuring gear, or the money intended to purchase it.

On the journey, RABA encountered an elven ranger, who attacked them due to a misunderstanding. As it turned out, the elf was intending to ambush a large group of orcs who had stolen a ceremonial sword from him, which he was very pressed to retrieve, it being an important cultural artifact required for the Ruil’laire, or Sword Games (an Olympic-games style competition used to, among other things, choose new recruits for the elven royal guard).

The elven ranger, named Elrohir, agreed to help RABA find Cora if they agreed to assist him in re-acquiring the sword he lost. RABA agreed to help Elrohir investigate an orcish stronghold nearby.

The initial assault on the stronghold involved several groups of orcs, and left the party wounded enough to retreat to the woods to recoup.

Plot continued in Session 5

(there may have been an encounter with orcs prior to meeting the elf)

A Call to Arms!
RABA gets together

Andothen Greenwheat posts a flier requesting adventurers for a group he’s putting together.
Kriv, Physil and Amariik answer the call and meet him in the Flying Hammer Inn. They get tipped off about possible adventuring gig and go to visit Lord Warden Faren Markelhay in Moonstone Keep. When asked the name of their adventuring party, they decide on RABA.

The Lord Warden sends them off to find out what has befallen the travelers on the West road. On this same road they meet up with a Dwarf named McSpic and help him defeat some Kobolds who were giving him trouble. He agrees to join RABA despite getting burned by Physil to search for the stolen ale.

The party cleans out the Kobold Hall and finds the ale. They kill a young white dragon and go back to Fallcrest.


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